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Sofia Kourtidou is “Out of her Mind!”

Accessible One Woman Show in Agios Dimitrios!

Following its collaboration with the Municipality of Agios Dimitrios, ATLAS E.P. is making accessible the one woman show of Sofia Kourtidou entitled “Out of her Mind”.

Carnival in the city 2023
Event poster of the municipality


An imaginary world from another planet! Where the impossible… becomes possible! In this world, coughing becomes a melody and kitchenware transform into musical instruments!

Everything is different there. Even Michael Jackson or Shakira might be singing in a traditional Greek celebration!

The Unnoticeable, an “imaginary” band, come to life through the voice and the imagination of Sofia Kourtidou, who will welcome us to an unreal planet, to a planet that does not exist!

An unimaginable one woman show! A concert without musical instruments, where through live looping and live effects, Sofia creates complete musical ensembles, by recording her voice, sounds and whatever fits her world live.

Colour sketch of the artist sitting on her own planet.
"Out of her mind" poster

Text description of the poster: In a dark blue background, a colored sketch-caricature of Sofia Kourtidou seated on her own planet. A black long-sleeved dress that covers her legs, an orange afro flowing, googly eyes and red lips. Seated with her legs open and the hands between them, on the fabric of the skirt, Sofia is on a planet where all land is merged in a heart. There are white clouds in front of and around the planet. On the poster there are musical notes, a golden microphone, Earth, a green planet, a gyros, french fries, an old-fashioned TV with a doily, and a toilet paper that hover around Sofia. On the top of the poster, the title reads with white letters: “Sofia Kourtidou is Out of her Mind! A musical and comical one woman show”. At the bottom centre, with white letters: “Friday, 24th of February, at 20:30 at the Municipal Theater Melina Mercouri, at 55 Agiou Dimitriou Street in Agios Dimitrios”. With orange letters: “With surtitles and interpreting in the Greek Sign Language”. At the bottom left corner, black logo of ATLAS E.P.


The performance will be accompanied by live surtitling in Greek for accessibility purposes and interpreting in the Greek Sign Language, while, for equal access purposes at a visual level, the entirety of the audio content has been checked and an audio introduction that will be delivered by the artist has been incorporated. 

The performance will be a part of the carnival festivities of the Municipality: “The Carnival in the heart of the City 2023”.


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