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The film "New Continent" with subtitles for equal access

We are pleased to announce the distribution of the film “New Continent” with Greek CC subtitles by ATLAS E.P.

The closed captions for the film “New Continent”, directed by Pandelis Pagoulatos, were created by ATLAS E.P. as part of the 64th Thessaloniki International Film Festival.

The film will be screened from February 15th until February 21st at MIKROKOSMOS Cinema.

NEW CONTINENT - A film by Pandelis Pagoulatos
Poster of the film


“Fanis and Maria are living in the nasty center of Athens. They operate on the world of background actors and escape rooms. They are trying to make a killing by any means necessary. They both sell and are being sold. Toxicity, porn, drugs. A wild and passionate couple in a dead-end love story.” The new film of Pandelis Pagoulatos, “New Continent” produced by Nikos Moustakas and Nancy Kokolaki of Bad Crowd Productions in cinemas from February 15th. 

Information about MIKROKOSMOS Cinema:

Closed Captioning:

ATLAS E.P. - Anthia Moustaka-Kolyva, Emmanouela Patiniotaki


Director: Pandelis Pagoulatos

Script: Pandelis Pagoulatos, Othon Metaxas

Cinematography: Dionisis Ethimiopoulos

Editing: Lambis Charalabidis, Nikos Kallipolitis

Sound: Antonis Samaras

Music: K. Bhta (Konstantinos Vita)

Actors: Haris Fragoulis, Maria Arzoglou, Theodora Tzimou, Othon Metaxas, Nikos Antonakopoulos

Production: Bad Crowd

Producers: Nikos Moustakas

Co-production: Arizona, Bandur Film, Greek Film Center

Co-producers: Guillaume De Seille, Dragan Ivanovic

Costumes: Alexia Theodoraki

Sets: Alexia Theodoraki

Format: DCP

Colour: Colour

Production Country: Greece

Production Year: 2023

Duration: 108'


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