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ATLAS E.P. is a company that was established in London in 2017 and moved to Greece in 2021, as it now operates in various sectors of the Greek market.


Founded by Emmanouela Patiniotaki, a researcher and an academic in the field of Audiovisual Translation and Accessibility, with a PhD in the Design of Holistically Accessible Environments of Art, Education and Culture, with a variety of combination of automated (or not) assistive technologies, Audiovisual Translation services, with the application of the Holistic Design model and the Accessibility standards in the virtual content and architecture, all that on the basis of Disability Studies and Social Equality.

ATLAS E.P. aims at ethically providing services of equal linguistic and sensory access with respect towards the audience as well as the creators. As a member of SUBTLE and AVTE, the company sets up exclusively collaborations based on their respective Codes of Conduct.

ATLAS E.P. innovates in the depiction of the auditory channel in live music performances by using new technologies to thoroughly depict the auditory channel based on the principles of Musicology and Deaf Studies. It is staffed exclusively by specialised professionals with relevant studies and concrete work experience, who are improving the services based on the needs of the audience, under constant guidance and training.


Moreover, ATLAS E.P. is the first company offering Live Subtitling in Greece. After offering the service for many years in live events, it is now available for adaptation by television and cinema, as well as education. Additionally, it is one of the very few active companies in the field of Audio Description and Audio Subtitling for blind and for visually impaired audiences. The process of Audio Description is completed in a fully equipped studio, following EBU standards.

For more information or to request a Brief of our Services, please contact us here.

About ATLAS E.P.

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