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Subtitling Application
for Augmented Reality Glasses (Smart Glasses)

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ATLAS E.P. collaborated with the Centre for Communication and Technology for the project "Subtitling Application for Augmented Reality Glasses (Smart Glasses) for Live Shows: Smart Subs".

A brief description of the project from the official website:

"The project focuses on the development and the improvement of the existing technical knowledge and technology of recognition and speech signal analysis applications. This projects aims at developing an application for Augmented Reality Glasses (Smart Wearable Glasses) for the projection of subtitles during theatre performances and live cultural shows in general.


The application creates an innovative way of providing subtitles in live performances, that allows seamless attendance of the show and reinforces the viewer's experience compared to other solutions. This application is for D/deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals and senior people with hearing loss, and renders the cultural content accessible to people with hearing impairments through the use of Greek subtitles, fighting the social exclusions that they face.

Additionally, the cultural content is accessible to foreign audiences through subtitles in different languages, thus contributing to the promotion of the cultural inheritance and the touristic product. The final aim is for the application to be able to be used with the same technical requirements in different places (dome theatre, closed and open theatre)."

In collaboration with the partners of the research project, Dr. Patiniotaki assumed the evaluation of the technical means that will be used, the creation of guidelines regarding the depiction of speech to text, including non-verbal elements, as well as the examination of compatibility of existing ways of sound depiction with the ones that can be supported by the application, in view of the creation of said guidelines.

If you would like further information regarding the SMARTSUBS project, you may visit the official website here.

National Subtitling Guide
for Access Purposes [Greek television]

Dr Emmanouela Patiniotaki, founder of ATLAS E.P. has authored and published the first National Subtitling Guide for Access Purposes for the Greek Television.


The project was assigned by the Hellenic Federation of the Deaf, read and agreed per content from the Hellenic Foundation of Deaf People and the National Council for Radio and Television. The National Greek Television and Radio acted as an advisory body.

You can read the Guide here.
Or access it on Researchgate.

European Conference of Speech-to-Text Interpreters (ECOS) Vienna 2022


Dr Emmanouela Patiniotaki, founder of ATLAS E.P. participated in the European Conference of Speech-to-Text Interpreters (ECOS) Vienna 2022: Post Pandemic Perspectives, that was held from August 26-28 at the Centre of Translation Studies of the University of Vienna.

Dr. Patiniotaki presented a paper that researches the Challenges of STTI for Accessibility in Concerts and the Theatre.

You may find further information in our blog post.

Accessible Filmmaking Workshop 
In-Edit Music Documentary Festival

IN-EDIT, Accessible Filmmaking 2022.jpg

Dr. Emmanouela Patiniotaki offered a workshop in accessible filmmaking at the music documentary festival In-Edit on 8 May 2022.


During the workshop she discussed accessible filmmaking in light of the principles of accessibility and their inclusion in the process of film creation and distribution.


You may find further information in our blog post.

Accessible Theatre Lecture
at the University of Athens

Accessible Theatre Lecture - NKUA 2022.jpg

Dr. Emmanouela Patiniotaki, founder and CEO of ATLAS E.P., gave a lecture at the Department of Theatre Studies of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens on 24 May 2022.


During her lecture, she discussed holistic accessibility in theatre, within the context of the "Communication and Marketing in Performing Arts" course.

You may find further information in our blog post.

EBU Production Technology Seminar 2022


On 2 February 2022, ATLAS E.P. launched officially its research activities with the participation of its founder, Dr Emmanouela Patiniotaki, in the EBU Production Technology Seminar 2022.

The topic of her presentation was "The New Access Services Professional in the Ear of Cloud-Based AVT Tools".

Cloud technology has brought great advancements in the area of Audiovisual Translation (AVT), which are expanded to the field of Accessibility and the way in which professionals develop their skills and prepare the relevant material for purposes of (mainly but not exclusively) sensory access. This presentation explains best practice and the skillsets required of AVT professionals, with focus on cloud-based tools that support this work.

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