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ATLAS E.P. at ECOS Vienna 2022

Updated: Jan 23

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Logo of the ECOS Vienna 2022 conference

Dr. Εmmanouela Patiniotaki, founder and C.E.O. of ATLAS E.P. will participate in the European Conference of Speech-to-Text Interpreters (ECOS) Vienna 2022: Post Pandemic Perspectives, which will be held from August 26-28 at the Centre of Translation Studies of the University of Vienna.

The papers that will be presented during the conference are going to cover quite a variety of subjects around speech-to-text interpreting. To mention a few, there will be pesentations regarding good practices and challenges, as well as presentations about the practitioner's percpective and the voice of the users.

Dr. Emmanouela Patinotaki is going to present a paper that researches the Challenges of STTI for Accessibility in Concerts and the Theatre.

You may find the final conference programme following this link, and also at the end of this post.

Please visit the official website of the conference for any further information.

Conference programme


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