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Updated: Jan 23

On a blue background, people of different races are dancing happily together. Among them, white flying notes. At the top, in yellow letters: "15th anti-racist celebration". Below in white: "PUSHBACK to racism".
Accessible Anti-racist Fest 2022 Poster

15th Anti-racist Fest | 24 & 25 September | Agricultural University of Athens | 75, Iera Odos

ZERO TOLERANCE, the Disabled Artists' Movement and ATLAS E.P. actively participate in the big ANTI-RACIST FEST creating the necessary access conditions in the structured environment and the content of the fest.

Anti-racist fest without exclusions

where EVERYONE fits.

ATLAS E.P. is providing surtitling services of the verbal and non-verbal audio channel during the Concert of the 24th of September with

• Encardia • Κroustodia - KETHEA "Paremvasi" • Alexandros Ktistakis and his band • Martha Frintzila and Kubara Project

and the subtitling of the film "Defiant Lives" directed by Sarah Barton, for accessibility reasons.

Accessibility identity of ANTIRACIST FEST 2022

Access to the structured environment of the Agricultural University of Athens:

Metro: Kerameikos Station 10' without a vehicle, Eleonas station 15' without a vehicle

Buses: 856, 836 - Geoponiki Scholi station

Advised entrance for disabled and hindered people: 37°59'2"N 23°42'19"E

Parking spots for vehicles for disabled people: 37°59'00.6"N 23°42'17.2"E

Emergency contact: Penni 6955467605, accessibility group member of the Sunday School of Immigrants

Saturday 24 September

Panel 1, at 7PM

From the murder of Kostopoulos to the "non-existant" rape of Georgia in Thessaloniki and Lignadis staying unpunished: The victims of gender-based violence seek justice - the fight against gender-based oppression continues.

With simultaneous interpreting into the Greek Sign Language.

Panel 2, at 8PM

War in Ukraine, tension in the Aegean, power and food crisis: Is there a way out?

With simultaneous interpreting into the Greek Sign Language.

Concert, starting at 9PM • Encardia • Κroustodia - KETHEA "Paremvasi" • Alexandros Ktistakis and his band • Martha Frintzila and Kubara Project

With Intralingual Surtitles for the depiction of the lyrics and the live auditory elements in Greek for the D/deaf and the Hard-of-Hearing and every other person by ATLAS E.P.

Film projections, starting at 10:30PM 1. «Ο Λόφος του Στρέφη ελεύθερος θα μείνει» (2021, 22') by Χελώνες.Στρέφη.doc 2. «Simple at Water» (2021, 97'), directed by: Mega Mylan

Script-based subtitles in Greek.

Sunday 25 September

Panel 1, at 7PM

Far-right and fascist threat in Greece and Europe.

With simultaneous interpreting into the Greek Sign Language.

Panel 2, at 8PM

From Evros and the Aegean, to Eleonas and Amigdaleza: Pushback to racism.

With simultaneous interpreting into the Greek Sign Language.

Film projections starting at 10:30PM

1. «Ρόδα είναι και γυρίζει» (2020, 6'), by Vaggelis Nakis, directed by Konstantinos Moschos - Socrates Patsos 2. "How to train an anti-hero" (2021, 26'), Script - Direction: Giannis Bletas

Script-based subtitles in Greek.

3. "Defiant Lives" (2017, 85'). Directed by: Sarah Barton

Closed Captioning (CC) Subtitling for accessibility reasons by ATLAS E.P. and ZERO TOLERANCE.

Accessible Playground 6PM - 10PM

In the Fest there will be exhibited: a Political Cartoon Exhibition, a Photography Exhibition (with QR text descriptions for blind and visually impaired persons), International Kitchen with tastes from Egypt, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Morocco, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Turkey (the menu will be accessible in braille and QR code).

In the Agricultural University there will be kiosks of immigration and refugee organisations, antiracist and antifascist movements, LGBTQI, Disability and female organisations, labour unions, print and Internet media, rights movements, therapeutic societies, popular assemblies, resistance initiatives, local collectivities and youth organisations.

There will also be a bookshop, a tavern and a bar.

The space will be friendly and accessible to disabled people in collaboration with the Disabled Artists' Movement.

Members of the accessibility group will be present if anything occurs.

There will be an accessible chemical toilet, in order to access it contact Vasilis, 6980610302, member of the accessibility group.

Tickets: 5 euros per day, 8 euros for two days.

Free entrance to unemployed people.

The schedule is available in braille.

The event of the 15th Antiracist Fest:

Information: Telephone: 6974486368 Sunday School of Immigrants Movement "Deport racism"

Accessibility Information: Disabled Artists' Movement:

Accessibility Design of the Antiracist Fest: Disabled Artists' Movement in collaboration with the Accessibility Team of the Sunday School of Immigrants


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