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Athens Pride 2024


ATLAS E.P. stands by Athens Pride for yet another year, by providing access to the communication and promotional material of the Festival. Particularly, an audio description was created for the Festival’s poster, as well as audio description and subtitles for access purposes for the Festival spot.

A text description of the poster is available at the end of the post.
Festival poster

Listen to the poster’s audio description by visiting the following link: [in Greek]

Watch the spot with audio description by visiting the following link: [in Greek]

Watch the spot with SDH by visiting the following link: [in Greek]

Find out more information about the Festival’s activities by visiting the website


Text description of the poster: Vertical digital poster with graphic illustrations in the form of flyers of different colours. Some of them are rippled and others have raised edges. Each flyer of those that have been raised on the surface of the poster contains a community statement or demand. On a black background, the flyers are spread out around a large central white flyer with two smaller ones to the left and right. Surrounding the white flyer, clockwise, in black letters on red "Sex Work is Work", on green "Full Inclusion for Transgender People", on purple "Stigma-Free Medical Care", on orange "Justice for Zak/Zackie and Anna", on pink "Third gender recognition", on light blue "Inclusive education", on yellow "No more violence and hate speech" and on pink "Full inclusion in work and family". On the central white flyer, "Athens Pride 2024. A law is not enough.". On the two smaller ones, right in Greek and bottom left in English "Parade, Saturday 15th of June at 7 pm at Syntagma Square". In a white strip on the lower part of the poster, the logo of the Athens Pride Festival with the colourful Parthenon on the left, and on the right the sponsors of the festival. Platinum: HEINEKEN and VODAFONE. Gold: GOOGLE, DUREX, SNEAKER10, LIDL, ONASSIS STEGI, MICROSOFT. Silver: BACARDI, ACCENTURE, MSD. Accommodation sponsor: AEGEAN. Media sponsors: ANTIVIRUS, Efimerida ton Syntakton, LIFO, KONTRA, MAD, FYI, NEWS247, LADYLIKE, ONEMAN, PRIDE RADIO, LOVE 97.5. Under the auspices of the Municipality of Athens.


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