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ATLAS E.P. radio interview (with Greek SDH subtitles)

On March 23, Dr. Emmanouela Patiniotaki, founder of ATLAS E.P. was interviewed by Nikolas Tzavaras and Nikos Pagidas from "Open Mind +" at the studio of ERT Open.

The subjects of audiovisual translation, audiovisual access services, holistic design as well as the first Greek Subtitling Guide for Access Purposes were discussed, to name but a few.

We would like to deeply thank the people who joined us live through the Zoom link for Greek Sign Language Interpreting and interacted with the journalists and the interviewee!

Those of you who did not manage to tune in live, you may find the interview below. The video has SDH subtitles in Greek, created by ATLAS E.P., for persons who do not speak the Greek Sign Language and wish to follow the content.


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