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Dance Video «WAY OUT» with audio description

On Saturday, 25th of May 2024 the new short Video Dance Film "WAY OUT" by the Inclusive Dance Company "Exis" was screened for the first time with audio description by Emmanouela Patiniotaki.

The screening took place as part of the dare Dance Festival 2024 at DANAOS cinema.

Image in grey scale. Intertwined hands on the chest of a lying torso.
Still from the video

Creators' Note

You wake up in a body that is not your own. It seems to fit you, you say you like it, but you know it's not yours. You wake up in a world without sequence and flow and nothing seems simple. Because someone forced you... And you're looking for a way out of normalcy.

"WAY OUT" is a reference to the normative standards of the body - the ideal body image that man has imposed on man and the obstacles it creates. When the body is trapped inside a standard so restrictive, it loses touch with itself and its authenticity. The natural flow and personal expression are distorted creating tensions and obstacles.

Futuristic poster in neon purple and turquoise colors. In the center of the poster, a young muscular man in a proud pose of an ancient Greek athlete. He stands on a round four-level base, with a purple and turquoise chessboard spread out below instead of a ground. Around him, purple cobras, orange balloons on the floor, tall orange cacti and pillars with orange apples on top. Behind the figure, the vast space stretches out, composed of stars, four small out-of-this-world portals and floating white eyes with green pupils. At the top of the poster, the name and information about the festival.
Festival poster

Information about the festival:

The Dare.Dance.Digitalize team organizes for the third consecutive year the dare Dance Festival (dDF). dDF24 aims to contribute and unite its voice by putting a new perspective, art, body, dance, creation, diversity, sharing and nature at the centre once again, renewed and bold.

The 3rd dDF will feature 32 short films:

• New professional productions by Dare Dance Digitalize and team members

• Videodances of the participants of the seminar cycle for professional dancers and actors and the annual seminar cycle of people without previous experience in movement.

#dDF24 is once again a platform for the promotion of works by other artists from Greece and abroad who share its vision and aesthetics, participating through this year's open call with videodance and with a physical presence on the #OnStage24 cinema stage.

Also, in the context of promoting the culture of collaboration, dDF is hosting eight screenings from videodance festivals abroad: Moοvy Tanzfilm Festival, Germany & Fuori Formato Festival - Stories We Dance & Associazione Culturale Augenblick, Italy.

Further information:

Further information about Inclusive Dance Company "Exis":


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