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“The Bald Soprano” by E. Ionesco, from the group THEAMA

The professional Inclusive Theatre group THEAMA presents the theatrical play “The Bald Soprano” by E. Ionesco directed by Sofia Stavrakaki with interpreting in the Greek Sign Language and Audio Description.

Aigaleo - 08/09 - 9 pm at Alexis Minotis Theatre

Kifissia - 14/09 - 9 pm at the Courtyard of the Town Hall of Kifissia


Logo of the professional Inclusive Theatre group THEAMA. Below on a grey background with black calligraphic letters: "The Bald Soprano by E. Ionesco".
Poster of the performance

Director’s Note

“The Bald Soprano is not an absurd story, but the validation of human vanity.

In the warmth of the urban home, two couples in name only, a firefighter and a maid find themselves captive in a chaotic whirlwind of fiction, in a kaleidoscope of their arrogant images, literally inventing themselves every waking moment.

The characters sleepwalk, lost in a decomposed linguistic communication system and in the randomness of “family” bonds, without having any idea who is who.

Before Salto mortale, as the clock is ticking down, people of “proper” society swallow perception pills as if they were Holy Communion and remind us of shattered clowns in a tragicomic act of physical and spiritual oppression in the face of the incurable disease of being and not being, of the living dead, of the obedient agents of a political legality that weaves an elaborate spider web to trap anyone believing they can determine their own fate.

And if we assume that death dooms us to an endless desert of dreams without escape, a prockat-life without content or meaning, that cancels the future, how do you hold back?”

Sofia Stavrakaki

All of them facing forward, around a small table, inside a red cage. Above it, a large black spider. Their index finger on their thoughtful faces.
Photo of actors on stage.


Author: E. Ionesco

Translation: Sofia Stavrakaki

Director: Sofia Stavrakaki

Original Music: Elias Kourtparasidis

Sets - Costume Design: Thenia Karlafti

Photography: Penny Delta

Production Assistant: Natasa Gatsiou

Curator: Stavrina Polydorou

Communication: Zeta Theodorelou

Casting (in order of appearance):

Mary (maid):  Sofia Stavrakaki

Mrs Smith: Olga Nikolaidou

Mr Smith: Panos Zournatzidis

Mr Martin: Vassilis Oikonomou

Mrs Martin: Eli Driva

Fire Chief: Andreas Antoniadis

Interpreting in Greek Sign Language: Eleni Mpatziopoulou, Elena Zorogiannidi

Audio Description: Emmanouela Patiniotaki (ATLAS E.P.)

Production: THEAMA 2023

Duration: 80'


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