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"We are winners defeated, Pavlos"

Black and white photo of Magda Fissa


Vertical photograph in grayscale. Close-up to a woman with brown wavy shoulder-length hair, brown plucked eyebrows and thin lips. She is facing the camera, has her eyes closed and her chin slightly raised. A slight tilt of the head to the back. She is wearing a dark long-sleeved blouse and has crossed the palms of her hands in front of her chest, left palm touching on the right shoulder and right palm touching on the left shoulder. She is wearing small stud earrings on the lobes of her ears, a wedding band on her left hand and on her neck she has a silver chain with the name "Pavlos". The woman of the photograph is Magda Fissa.


For the first time, the ANTIFASCIST SEPTEMBER collaborates with disabled activists and accessibility professionals in an attempt to establish the equal and unobstructed access to a festival that concerns everyone. In this first attempt, the areas of the festival have been checked in terms of accessibility and accessibility services will be offered during the main concert and a photography exhibition.

The photography exhibition "Perceptions" («ΑντίΛηψειΣ») by Giota Efremidou has text descriptions, so that people with limited access to the visual channel can also have access to the content. Every photo has a description as well as an artistic text, that any user can access over their mobile device through reading or voicing. The exhibition will be open until Friday 16/9/2022.

Further information regarding the festival's accessibility:

ACTORS AND COMMUNICATION The accessibility of the festival was achieved through the collaboration of the Municipality of Keratsini - Drapetsona and the Culture Association "Pavlos Killah P Fissas" with ATLAS E.P., a company that provides linguistic and sensory access services and the support of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Disabled "ZERO TOLERANCE". For any questions, information and access assistance, please contact ATLAS E.P. at 6993507553 and at or ZERO TOLERANCE at 6977202216 and at


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