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World Theatre Day (27/03) with THEAMA and "Antigone"

Updated: Jan 23

Performance poster. On a black background, Sofia Stavrakaki in black clothes as "Ismene" with her right open palm raised towards Elli Driva and her head high with an upward tilt, standing with bent legs. To her left, Elli Driva in white clothes in an electric wheelchair as "Antigone" looks in the direction Sophia is pointing with a look of uncertainty. Below, in large white letters: "ANTIGONE, Act 1" and the performance’s information.
Poster of the performance Antigone: Act I

World Theatre Day - 27/03

"ANTIGONE: ACT I" at ISON Theatre.

The professional inclusive theatre group THEAMA - Theater of Disabled People presents the holistically accessible performance "ANTIGONE: ACT I" with the support of the Region of Attica.

The performance illuminates the opposite characters of Ismene and Antigone, the contrasts, the relationship, the juxtaposition and the intense dispute between the two sisters.

A holistically accessible contemporary performance:

  • Open audio description for the blind or the visually impaired audience by E. Patiniotaki (ATLAS E.P.).

  • Live on stage interpreting into Greek Sign Language by Theodora Tsapoiti.

  • Greek surtitles for the D/deaf and the hard-of-hearing persons by E. Patiniotaki (ATLAS E.P.).


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