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________ Athens Pride 2023 ________

“Once upon a time… I fought for my rights and I won!”

Beaded high-heeled shoe fallen sideways on a sidewalk.

ATLAS E.P. stands by Athens Pride’s side for one more year, by providing text descriptions for the festival’s posters, as well as audio description and subtitles for accessibility purposes for the spot of the Festival.

Watch the spot with audio description here:

Still from the spot. Lots of different people with faces turned up. Eyes clear and proud. Beneath them, grass. In the center, in large white letters: "ONCE UPON A TIME". Underneath, "ATHENS PRIDE 2023".
Athens Pride 2023 poster

Watch the spot with SDH here:

Frame from the spot. Close-up of a male face full of rage. At the bottom, subtitle in parentheses: "male asynchronous scream".
Still from the SDH video

The posters of the festival have been republished with our descriptions in the social media of ATLAS E.P.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: The location of the main parade and of the Saturday events has been transferred from Syntagma Square to Kotzia Square. You will find all the kiosks there.


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