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Updated: Jan 23

Festival poster. On a grey background, a black sketch of Pavlos Fyssas with a microphone in his hand. Below, in bold yellow letters: "NINE YEARS". Subtitle in black letters: "The target is in your mind, be careful, ok?". Below, festival program.
Poster of the Antifascist September Festival

For the first time, ΑΝΤΙFASCIST SEPTEMBER collaborates with disabled activists and accessibility professionals in an effort to establish the equal and unobstructed access to a festival that concerns everyone. In this first effort, the accessibility of all of the festival sites has been monitored and accessibility services have been designed for the main concert and for a photography exhibition.


The festival takes place at Lipasmata in Drapetsona. There are two parking lots, one over the side of Drapetsona ( and another over the side of the port of Piraeus ( Parking spots for vehicles for disabled people are marked in both parking lots. Because of the steep slope in the exit of the Drapetsona parking, any vehicles for disabled people will be parked in a specified area. Municipal employees will be guiding the audience towards that area, that is located behind SILO, where the main concert will be held.

The photography exhibition will take place in the area of Praxitelis' Sculpture ( The concert of the 17th of September will be held at SILO ( There will be a toilet for disabled people in the concert area, marked accordingly. The area around the stage is covered in small gravel, while there are cemented areas at further distance from the stage, where view is unobstructed, since the concert stage is elevated. Additionally, you will be able to stop in a marked out space.


The photography exhibiton "ANTI ΛΗΨΕΙΣ" by Giota Efremidou has text descriptions, so that people with limited access to the visual channel can also have access to content. Every photo has its description as well as an artistic text, that any user can access over their mobile device through reading or voicing.

The main concert will be held on Saturday 17/09 at 19:00 at SILO and the services of Greek Sign Language Interpreting and Surtitling will be provided, for the facilitation of the access to the auditory channel as well as to the Greek language. The two services will be provided supplementarily one to another. A specific area will be marked out near the accessibility services for anyone who wishes to be there for better access.


SATURDAY 17/9 - 19.00


1. Boomerang [CAPS]

2. Innervoice [CAPS]

3. Social Waste [CAPS]

4. Tiny Jackal [CAPS]

5. Νατάσσα Μποφίλιου [ΕΝΓ/CAPS]

6. Φοίβος Δεληβοριάς [ΕΝΓ/CAPS]

7. Ματούλα Ζαμάνη

You may find the full schedule here.


The accessibility of the festival was achieved through the collaboration of the Municipality of Keratsini - Drapetsona and the Culture Association "Pavlos Killah P Fissas" with ATLAS E.P., a company that provides linguistic and sensory access services and the support of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Disabled "ZERO TOLERANCE".

For any questions, information and access assistance, please contact ATLAS E.P. at 6993507553 and at or ZERO TOLERANCE at 6977202216 and at


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