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Accessible Comedy Nights by Cool Crips

Cool Crips present the Accessible Comedy Nights at Serafio!

Cool Crips, in collaboration with Horizons Booking, organize two Accessible Stand-Up Comedy Nights on the 22nd & 23rd of May at Serafio City of Athens, as part of This is Athens – City Festival.

Thodoris Adamakos, Dimitris Dimopoulos, Dimitra Nikitea, Andreas Paspatis, John Roussos and Angelos Spiliopoulos will take the stage and you will have the opportunity to enjoy them live, as ATLAS E.P. and its partners will be there, providing Interpreting in the Greek Sign Language and Live Surtitling for access purposes.

Hosted by Xristos Petrou.

A text description of the poster is available at the end of the post.
Festival poster.

The festival’s accessibility as well as the consultancy for the Audio Description that the artists themselves will attempt to make for their performances are curated by ATLAS E.P.

Serafio City of Athens

19 Echelidon & 144 Peiraios Streets, 11854, Athens

Tel.: 2103426842

Access: Kerameikos Metro Station (Line 3) | Petralona Metro Station (Line 1) | Station: Kolimvitirio (Buses: 049, 815 ,914)


Text description of the poster: White vertical poster. In the centre, title in bold purple writing: "ACCESSIBLE COMEDY NIGHTS" and "By Cool Crips" in black underneath. Above and below the title, information in black letters: "May 22nd and 23rd. Starting at 20:00 in the evening. Tickets at". At the upper and lower parts of the poster, grey photos of the comedians' heads joined in a circle with childlike drawn pink hands coming out of their necks, and two pink feet coming out of the artists' heads. At the upper part, Dimitra Nikitea, Angelos Spiliopoulos, Thodoris Adamakos and Xristos Petrou are connected. At the lower part, John Roussos, Andreas Paspatis, Dimitris Dimopoulos and the cool little sheep with sunglasses are connected, all with pink drawn feet and hands joining them in a messy circle. In white letters on a black stripe at the top, the logos of the Municipality of Athens and "This is Athens - City Festival". At the bottom of the poster, the logo of the hosting venue: Serafio - Sports, Culture and Innovation Center. Next to them on the right, the logos of ATLAS E.P. and Cool Crips. They are followed by the logo of Mythos, the logo of Canon including the inscription: “With the support of Canon”, and the logo of Vodafone CU.


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