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Accessible Photo Exhibition by Giota Efremidou

Updated: Jan 23

The photo exhibition "Perceptions" by Giota Efremidou will be presented for a second time in Keratsini, at the Cultural Center "Antonis Samarakis" by the Municipality of Keratsini-Drapetsona. The exhibition was presented for the first time by the Culture Association "Pavlos Killah P Fissas" in an accessible format.

Event poster. On the right, the face of Irini Fissa, still and silent. On the left, Irini Fissa’s face captured in motion appears to emit a loud scream.
Poster of the Exhibition. Photo of Irene Fissa.

The opening is on Monday, 28 November 2022 at 6:30PM and the exhibition will be open until the 2nd of December 2022. The stage of the Antonis Smarakis theater will be modified for the needs of the exhibition. Access is free and open until 9:30PM. A one-week feature for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (November 25th).

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Vertical photograph in grayscale. Close-up to a woman with brown wavy shoulder-length hair, brown plucked eyebrows and thin lips. She is facing the camera, has her eyes closed and her chin slightly raised. A slight tilt of the head to the back. She is wearing a dark long-sleeved blouse and has crossed the palms of her hands in front of her chest, left palm touching on the right shoulder and right palm touching on the left shoulder. She is wearing small stud earrings on the lobes of her ears, a wedding band on her left hand and on her neck she has a silver chain with the name "Pavlos". The woman of the photograph is Magda Fissa.
Portrait of Magda Fissa

In collaboration with the Advice Center for Women of the Municipality of Keratsini-Drapetsona, there will be morning workshops for gender-based violence. Exclusively for the school community of the Municipality.

Address: 24, Mikras Asias, Keratsini 187 56


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