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Accessible theatre-dance performance by Dagipoli Dance Co!

Updated: Jan 23

The inclusive contemporary dance group Dagipoli Dance Co. presents its new production "Dia Piros" ("With Fire") by Jiorgos Christakis, within the framework of "All of Greece, One Culture", a program run by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, co-organised by the Region of Crete.

On September 14 and 15, at 9PM, ATLAS E.P. will be providing surtitling services for the D/deaf and hard-of-hearing audience during the two performances that will take place at the FORTEZZA castle, in Rethymno, Crete. Live interpreting into the Greek Sign Language will also be available.

In the centre of the poster, in the form of an unfinished oil painting, an old white boat is depicted floating in the dark sea. From its interior, a bright red rose emerges. At the top of the poster, large black letters read in Greek: "WITH FIRE".
Poster of the performance
The elements that compose the core of this performance are the relations between disability and migration, through their modern dimensions, regarding the oppression that they experience, the acting space given to them by societies and their integration in the social web.
Taking into consideration social, financial, class, national and psychological parameters and influences, we search the integration procedures regarding these populations as well as their rile in the development of the societies and culture.
A redefinition of the art of the "different other", the refugee, the disabled, life itself, the self, the feelings, the relation with the body, the soul and the mind.
The belief that two populations in contact, under certain conditions of equal, quality collaboration, frequent contact and meaningful acquaintance can be positive and have impressive outcome. It can stop ignorance and increase knowledge between populations and shift their relationship.
Optimal contact leads to the creation of emotional bonds and to the re-evaluation of population groups, in a way that cultural exchange shifts "dated" opinions and is connected to reduced ethnocentrism. New social identities are created, that mitigate social categorizations, thus preventing any social discrimination.
* Extracts from the recorded testimony of Loukia Kotzaivazoglou, Tzenis Arseni's grandmother, who experienced the Burning of Smyrna as a child, are used during the performance. We thank Pelina Evaggelou, her grand-daughter for allowing us to use the material.

Concept - Choreography: Jiorgos Christakis Directed - Written by: Tzeni Arsenis Music – Piano: Kostas Livadas Singing: Eleni Tsaligopoulou Narrating: Anastasis Kolovos – Sotiris Tahtsoglou Lighting: Sakis Birbilis Santouri: Stella Valasi Electric guitar: Spyros Chatzikonstantinou Assistant Director: George Mantzoukis

Dancers: Fay Malama, Eleni Kontzila, Maria-Zoi Terzopoulou, Ioli Spiliopoulou, Giannis Chaldaios, Alekos Blatze, Sotiris Tahtsoglou, Tzeni Arsenis and Jiorgos Christakis


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