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"Anatello" | Giannis Aggelakas, Paidi Trauma, Sophie Lies, Turboflow3000

Thursday, 11/04 and Friday, 12/04 at 21:00

at Gazarte Ground Stage



Following the artists' initiative, the upcoming concert "Anatello" (Rising) will be accessible with C-CAPS surtitles of the auditory channel of communication.

Also, if you wish, ATLAS E.P. will guide you around the venue for your safe stay during the concert at 20:00.



In collaboration with ATLAS E.P., unobstructed access to the venue has been ensured.

Concert poster. In the centre, a white semicircle with the concert information. Around it, the warm colours of the sunrise are emerging. Sketch of a bud on the left and a blooming flower on the right.
Poster of the concert

Meet the artists!

Giannis Aggelakas picks creators of the younger generation and sings with them on stage in a unique musical encounter at Gazarte Ground Stage.

You can listen to Giannis Aggelakas here:


Paidi Trauma writes songs in a tall apartment building in the city centre. His true identity was first revealed on his new album "Mainstream" which follows a family's relationships from the inside. His discography includes another two themed albums, "Secret Dance Movements" (2018) and "I Will Destroy the World" (2020).

Paidi Trauma:

Tasos Karteris: Lyrics, music, guitar, vocals Emi Path: Keyboard, vocals Kostas Grountas: Bass, keyboard Demetres Gregoriades: Percussion Dennis Morfis: Guitar

You can listen to Paidi Trauma here:


Sophie Lies was born in Athens, but grew up in Perama, a district of Piraeus. In October 2020, she released together with her musical companions, online and independently, her first solo album titled "A Stone like a Home". In these songs, she tries to share what she feels and understands about the world and its people. In February 2024, she released the first single of the upcoming album titled "Ode to Identity".

Alongside her, on stage:

Electric guitar/vocals: Stefanos Mouroutsos Keyboard: Orestis Petrakis Bass: Alexandros Ladianos Drums: Kostas Zambos

You can listen to Sophie Lies here:


Turboflow 3000 is a project that started in Athens during the challenging days of lockdown. People with different sounds, without limitations and boundaries, but with the same love for music that decided to create an experiential album with whatever means they have. In 2021, their first single "Yes in everything/Fireworks" was released on vinyl by Veego Records. Their first album titled "UFO" was recently released by Veego Records.

Turboflow 3000 (full band):

Guitar: Andreas Koutsoukos Guitar: Giannis Arapis

Bass: Thanasis Alexandris Drums: Vangelis Dimos Dj/Percussion/Synths: Primal Vocals: Deezy

You can listen to Turboflow 3000 here:


More information about the concert: 

For bookings, visit the following link: 

Poster illustration & design: Anastasia Daferera (Dafy!)

Communication: Zuma communications

See you there!


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