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Athens Irish Festival 2022

Updated: Jan 23

ATLAS E.P. is providing subtitling services to Athens Irish Festival 2022!

The festival is taking place for the first time on May 27-29, at the Social Cultural Centre of Vironas, in Lampidona (accessible entrance from Kessarias str.).

Keep reading for the Facebook announcement as well as the schedule of each day of events.

Festival poster. Against a background of the Irish flag (green, white, orange), between two sketches of a white harp and a white violin, large black letters read: "Athens Irish Festival".
Poster of the Athens Irish Festival 2022

The Athens Irish Festival is a newly founded festival taking place for the first time.

We are excited to be able to invite everyone for three days of live Irish music, dancing, storytelling, theatre, workshops, presentations, kid's activities, food and drink, and much much more.

During difficult times, we feel that we ought to strive towards breaking all boundaries that keep us apart. The goal of AIF is to reinforce the notion of community, bring people together, and promote Irish heritage. Our vision aims for AIF to be a place of joy, sharing, and merriment.

It is the community (Greek and Irish) that has made it possible to implement and facilitate the festival. It is a project brought to fruition through love and passion towards Irish culture, and none of it would be possible without the people hidden in the background.

AIF is especially happy to be collaborating with the 'Social & Cultural Centre of Vironas' who are alongside us in the facilitation of the festival at the Lambidona park in Vironas, Athens.

Together, and with the help and support of the Greek-Irish Society, AIF are happy to announce that the festival will be operating with a free entry.

So come join us and enjoy the festive shenanigans

Festival schedule:


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