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ATLAS E.P. at the 1st Nevronas FESTival!

Updated: Jan 23

ATLAS E.P. will provide its services during the 1st Nevronas FESTival - Inclusive Performing Arts and Artistic Interaction Festival, which will be take place in Technopolis City of Athens, on October 28-30.

Our company will provide Greek Sign Language interpreting on stage as well as surtitling services of the verbal and non-verbal audio channel during the three concerts of the festival:

On Friday 28/10 at 20:00, the dance-theater performance EXODUS by Dagipoli Cance Co., and on Saturday, 29/10 at 20:00, the theatre performance "Antigone - Act I" by the Professional Inclusive Theatre Group THEAMA will be holistically accessible with Greek Sign Language Interpreting on stage, open audio description and Greek surtitles by ATLAS E.P.

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Poster of the festival in neon colours.
Poster of the 1st Nevronas Festival

Musicians, dancers, performers, photographers, painters and individuals from the fields of science, technology and applications will meet at the 1st Νevronas FESTival – Festival of Inclusive Performative Arts and Artistic Interaction (28-30 October 2022) in Athens, organized by, Αβάλη, AccessLab and +οικία.
During this three-day inclusion festival in Technopolis City of Athens, the liveliest cultural space in the heart of Athens that is open and accessible to all, we will meet non-segregated artistic groups from Greece and abroad, we will listen to people talk about methods, ways of cooperation and issues regarding Accessibility, turnining Inclusion from something special and extraordinary to an integral part of our social and cultural reality.
Three days full of theatre, music, dance, exhibitions, cinema, workshops, lectures, discussions regarding inclusion, inviting everyone, disabled or not, to see, hear and discuss about how people with or without disabilities create and enjoy the arts and culture.
Our main idea remains that disability is not an obstacle, but a challenge!
Feel the Art… your Own way!
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