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ATLAS E.P. goes to Anodos: "Staying Alive" by Katerina Vrana

Updated: Jan 23

After her great success as Florence Foster Jenkins in "Glorious: The World's Worst Soprano" with co-star Giorgos Kapoutzidis, Katerina Vrana returns with her sold-out solo stand-up comedy "Staying Alive".

Our favorite comedian is setting her curls free, after many months that she kept them tied up in a tight bun for the needs of her role as Florence, and is ready to give a delightful two-hour performance, accessible to everyone, with simultaneous interpreting in the Greek Sign Language and Live Surtitling, in a space that is accessible to disabled people.

Katerina's slogan reads "Free the curl; the right in inclusion and visibility", and she is waiting for you to join her in a night full of laughter and emotions (both in the correct amount).

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Performance poster

Katerina Vrana - Staying Alive

Where: Anodos Live Stage, Piraeus 183, Athens, 118 53

When: Friday 13 May at 21:15

Duration: 90'

Tickets: 15€, 12€

Presale: /, WIND, Public, MediaMarkt

Photos/poster: Thodoris Vranas / Santra Sotiriou


Promotion and communication: Vaso Sotiriou - We Wil

* COVID FREE space

Accessibility Identity

Simultaneous interpretation in the Greek Sign Language: Sofia Rompoli

Audio description introduction and live surtitling: Emmanouela Patiniotaki (ATLAS E.P.)

During this show, ANODOS LIVE STAGE will be providing the unobstructed and equal access and use of the services and any necessary spaces to all. Parking spaces for vehicles of disabled individuals are available at Pallantos str. For parking place reservations, please contact us at 2114185217 or 6955212751 (communication via text message availanle). The number of parking places is limited.


Alternative text: Vertical image. Katerina Vrana is sitted on a wheelchair with her legs on top of the left wheelchair arm, balanced on the back of the knees. Her body is slightly leaning towards her legs. Steel wheelchair with black back and arms. Katerina is wearing black leather pants, a baggy red top and red high heels. She is smiling widely and her eyebrows are raised. Long face, looking straight ahead, with brown curly hair up to her shoulders, big gold hoops on her ears, chunky gold bracelets on her right hand, her nails painted red. On her right hand she is holding a comic sketch of a pink drink with a slice of orange on top of the glass. She is toasting with a white skeletton hand with a black wide sleeve. Red-black background with comic details of hearts and stars. The background fades out to the pale gray color of the poster. At the top center of the poster, red font with glitter, white outline and black shading: "Staying Alive". Below in black letters within a parenthesis: "I almost died". On the right side of the poster, on top of her feet, in a yellow circle with black letters: "ATHENS". In red: "FRIDAY 13/05". With black: "AT ANODOS LIVE STAGE". Bottom left and right, more details (see information above).


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