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ATLAS E.P. meets Sofia Kourtidou

Sofia Kourtidou is an artist that always listened carefully to the need for equal access to her content with the use of the Greek Sign Language.

In an effort to further broaden the accessibility of the artist’s content, ATLAS E.P. creates subtitles and text or audio descriptions for accessibility purposes, starting with a unique collaboration with Deaf dancer Panos Paraschos where he was the lead dancer.

On a black background, in gold calligraphy: "They were only words. Sofia Kourtidou." Underneath, white descriptive subtitle reads: "(pure exhalation)"
Visual of the song title “They were only words” with a subtitle

Discover Sofia Koutridou’s new song called “They were only words”, with lyrics and music by her.

You can also watch the interview given by dancer Panos Parasxos to Sofia Kourtidou in Greek Sign Language in the following link, with subtitles and text description by ATLAS E.P. and voice over by Sofia Kourtidou.

Subtitling and audio/text description services were undertaken by Emmanouela Patiniotaki on behalf of ATLAS E.P.


Mrs Manouella Kagiopoulou took on the review of the Greek Sign Language for the music video and the interview, as well as its scripted translation in Greek for the voice over.


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