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ATLAS E.P. on the radio

Updated: Jan 23

Poster with the interview’s information. In the centre of the picture, Emmanouela Patiniotaki in black clothes petting a white guide dog. Around her, the logos "Open Mind", "Nevronas", "ERT Open" and "ATLAS E.P.".
Interview Poster

Tonight on ΕΡΤ Open at 9PM.

Tune in 106.7FM or online at:

Dr. Emmanouela Patiniotaki, founder of ATLAS E.P., a company providing Accessibility Services for entertainment, education and information purposes, will be joining Nikolas Tzavaras and Nikos Pagidas from "Open Mind +" at the studio of ERT Open on Wednesday 23/3 at 21PM.

Which are the Linguistic and Sensory Access services?

What is Audiovisual Translation?

What does Holistic Design mean? We will discuss the National Subtitling Guide that is about to be published, which will be adopted by the public television and which private providers will be asked to follow. Live on the Facebook page of


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