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ATLAS E.P. providing SDH subtitles to "Me Alla Matia - Live"

ATLAS E.P. and "Me Alla Matia", a Civil Non-Profit Company, have launched a new collaboration with the support of iMedD, a non-profit organisation that supports and promotes transparency, credibility and independence in journalism.

ATLAS E.P. will be creating SDH subtitles for the D/deaf and hard-of-hearing immediately after the broadcast of "Me Alla Matia" which goes live on YouTube and Facebook on a monthly basis. During each live broadcast the presenter, Vaggelis Avgoulas, and his guests engage into interesting discussions over a variety of topics.

The topic of the first live broadcast was the Greek National Action Plan Regarding the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, while Holidays and Disability were discussed during the second broadcast that aired on the 26th of July.

Both videos are available on YouTube with SDH subtitles provided by ATLAS E.P. and with interpreting into the Greek Sign Language by HandsUp:

By following us on Facebook, you will be informed as soon as a new video with subtitles is available.

Visit the official website of "Me Alla Matia" to learn more about their work.


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