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Cinema Together...

Updated: Jan 23

ATLAS E.P. announces the "Cinema Together" initiative, a campaign and a series of actions and events focusing on Accessible Filmmaking.

Dark view of ascending rows of red cinema seats separated by a central staircase. At the top in white letters CINEMA TOGETHER - Together at the cinema. Bottom right, the white ATLAS E.P. logo.
"Cinema Together" Initiative Poster

"Cinema Together" will travel to various places, with various organisations in order to address issues such as the involvement of disabled artists in filmmaking, accessibility in the filmmaking process, the accessibility of the outcome, equal access to cinemas and festivals, and more.

Our aim is to promote accessible filmmaking, both as a right and as an artistic process, and to showcase ways in which an equal experience can be achieved both in filmmaking and in the audience’s entertainment.

The initiative will be accompanied by the hashtag #cinematogether


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