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Contemporary Dance with Audio Description



March, 16, 17 and 18

Four dancing figures, as different as they are similar, in a performance that highlights uniqueness as well as the shared human needs in the face of loneliness, violence, isolation, oppression.

Black and white photo. On a cracked open wall, a vertically hung rectangular mirror with a wooden frame. In front of it, three dancing figures leaning their torsos backwards, arms looking up, fingers open in tension, mouths wide open as if they are screaming. Heads leaning backwards. The mirror reflects a marble staircase in the interior of a building.
Performance poster

The professional inclusive dance company EXIS, with influences from contemporary dance and Krump, is coming back in the form of a partnership between Greece and France for a performance that will showcase human diversity.


The performance is accompanied by simultaneous live audio description which combines the austere and concise verbal depiction of the image with the introduction into the world of contemporary and krump dance.


Read more about Audio Description for Dance Performances, as it has been designed by the Accessibility Manager of ATLAS E.P. in a relevant publication in STATUS QUAESTIONIS.



Choreography-Execution: Anna Vekiari, Natasa Gatsiou, Hakim Abdou Mlanao, Thierry Constant Maboang

Music: Remi Selles

Lighting Design: Katerina Maragoudaki

Photography: Antigoni Kourakou

Video creation: Mixalis Felanis

Communication-Visual Identity: Danai Gkoutkidou

With the aid and financial support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.


The venue is accessible to wheelchair users.



Alternatively, you can call at +30 210 3426736.


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