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Lamda - Live at ILION Plus!

Thursday, March 21st at 21:00


Lamda's live performance at Ilion Plus on Thursday, March 21st at 21:00 will be accompanied by live surtitling of the band's music and lyrics.

The accessibility will be provided in C-CAPS format by ATLAS E.P.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Ilion Plus on Thursday, March 21st!

Photo in red tint. Close-up at the bottom of a face with half-open lips. A hand is holding the chin. Concert information.
Poster of the concert

DISCLAIMER: ATLAS E.P. does not confrim equal access to the built environment for Ilion Plus and warns of the presence of barriers in the venue.

Find out more about Lamda's accessibility: 

Information about Lamda’s previous accessible live performances:

Baumstrasse 25/03/2023

ΠΛΥΦΑ 20/06/2023


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