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Lamda & Sophie lies: Accessible Concert at PLYFA

On Tuesday the 20th of June at 21:00, Lamda and Sophie lies share the stage of the Old Industrial Park - PLYFA.

The concert will be accessible with CAPS surtitles for the entirety of the audio content, provided by ATLAS E.P.

At 20:20, before the concert begins, if anyone wishes, they can meet up with the ATLAS E.P. team at the entrance of PLYFA for a short tour of the space aiming to their independent stay there, as well as to have physical contact with the artists. People who will participate at the tour must provide us with their information by calling at +30 6993507553.

Vertical orange poster, depicting two parallel open palms with the fingers facing up and the base facing down. The fingers of the identical palms are distorted at the edges with liquid ripples. Black mark on the middle of the thumb, at its contact with the skin and on the inside of the nails of the other fingers. In the centre of the poster, in white letters: "lambda. sophie lies". Top left: "PLYFA". Bottom left: "JUNE 20 PLYFA". On the right, logo: "melodica art productions".
Concert poster

“Being in the era of ΤΡИА, Lamda continue their performances in Athens. At Plyfa, selected songs from all of their albums will be performed, with their last album dominating the stage numerically and aesthetically.


After a year of acoustic and calm sets, and recording new content during this period, Sophie lies will appear with the electric full band set, with old and new songs.”

The five-member band "Lamda" on stage behind microphones and musical instruments during a live performance.
Lamda band
Sophie lies on stage holding a bass guitar.
Sophie lies

Event on Facebook.

Tickets at

About the space and the accessibility at the built environment:

It is an outdoor single-level space with unobstructed access and a parking space outside of it. Please note that the toilets are not fully accessible, since we discovered that there is lack of space which prohibits wheelchair turning.

You can listen to Lamda here:



You can listen to Sophie lies here:



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