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Panos Vlahos' Accessible Live Concert!

Updated: Jan 23

ATLAS E.P., within the framework of its collaboration with the Municipality of Agios Dimitrios for the accessibility of Agios Dimitrios' City Festival - Autumnal Celebrations 2022, will be providing its services to the live concert by Panos Vlahos and Bandokafenio, this Tuesday 13/09 at 21:00, at Panagoulis' Square.

The concert will be accessible to the D/deaf and hard-of-hearing audience through the services of live surtitling by the founder and CEO Emmanouela Patiniotaki and interpreting to the Greek Sign Language provided by our company.

Close-up of Panos Vlahos. Cyan T-shirt with collar. Head turned upwards and raised right hand. He appears to be singing.
Panos Vlahos

For further information about the Festival in Greek, you may visit the official website of the Municipality of Agios Dimitrios here, or follow this link for the full schedule of the festival.


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