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Stronger than Superman!

Updated: Jan 23

Last performance on Sunday, 18th of December 2022!

Three comic book characters in colourful clothes are depicted on a blue background. On the left, Zili. On the right, Fanis. Between them, Aris in a wheelchair wearing a red plaid cape.
Poster of the play

Aris just moved to a new neighborhood with his mother and sister. On a daily basis, he is facing all the difficulties that, for the non-disabled persons, might seem unimportant.

Obstacles of the structured environment, stereotypes and prejudices, attending a special school and the possibility of being sent off to an institution are faced with common sense, understanding, acceptance and solidarity.

Is that possible?

Of course it is!

On the right, Zili with an intense expression of joy. On the left, Aris in a wheelchair. Both are looking at Fanis in the middle, who is holding a blue ball while looking thoughtful. They are all are wearing brightly colored clothing.
Scene from the play

ATLAS E.P. collaborated again with the theatre group Syntexnia tou Geliou for the live projection of surtitles in their performance "Stronger than Superman". Join us this Sunday, December 18th for our last show of the year!

"Stronger than Superman" by Roy Kift

Directed by Vassilis Koukalani and Antonis Rellas

Sychrono Theatre


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